27 November 2006

"Mid-day Lunch"

She inhaled and exhaled two, long, luxurious breaths in between bites of grilled cheese and bologna on pumperknickel. Out of the corner of her left eye she caught her boyfriend watching her. "What?"
"Nothing" he faked. She raised her eyebrows. "It's just that I was wondering why you're breathing so hard."
"I had a cough earlier," she started, "and when I breathe deep my ribs and lungs hurt a little, like maybe I'm getting sick or something." He smiled inconsolingly. "I DID cough a bunch today and even now just saying the word 'cough' makes me need to." She turned her head a bit away from him and let out a tiny "khuh khuh." She looked back and his grin broadened. "What! I really do have to cough but I wanted to suppress it so you wouldn't see so much of my neuroses." She giggled, but not with embarrassment. She knew he would play the game.
He did. He laughed. "Oh honey, I know all about your neuroses and I still love you." His eyes sparkled, marvelously flirtatious and true. She put her leg up on his lap and inched her foot up his chest. He pushed up her thin, cotton, lavender pants and began to stroke her hairy calves with both hands. Their eyes locked.
Plates with crusts and corn chip remnants sat on the table in front of them, but thier bodies were now turned toward each other. It was such a rare, quiet, mid-day lunch together, both on break from work at the same time.
"So..." she cooed as his hands rubbed and her toes wandered down, deep into his hardened loins. "You got time for a nooner?"