14 June 2007

Untitled 2004
(Here is a poem I started three years ago, in the fall of 2004. I just uncovered and revised a bit, and now I feel the need to share)

I slip into a flannel Universe
the multiple moons and stars a warm
lullaby before sleep and dreams.

I try to plan my dreams these days.
At night I play alchemist
cover myself with three blankets and settle in
for the ultimate magic trick.

Lead belly and limbs to gold,
transformation comes in sleep.
The glass beakers we hold metals
turned to jewels.

I dream, dream, dream
into the night, penetrate dark with
multifaceted light and with
slight of hands the beakers smash
and shatter glass fragments to the corners.

What's changed is now what's left to wake:
my warm body
refuses to step out
into the cold reality,
hardwood floors of morning.

01 June 2007

I am obsessed with baby names lately. I am not pregnant, yet. But I have names. I feel like I need to share them, get them out of my system so to speak. If I have a boy, his name is already deemed to be Calvin, because Ran3dy (not a typo) has always dreamed of having a boy named Calvin. He's got a tattoo of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes on his shoulder. I like Calvin. His full name would be Calvin Hunter Kolber Bright.

So he's the easy one. But I have three or so really good girls' names I love. Tell me what you think: Eve Trillium Kolber Bright; Una Harvest Kolber Bright; and Providence Kolber Bright, PK for short.

I am probably more in love with the words. But you gotta admit naming a child is trying, especially when one loves words as much as I. If I were a brave mother, I'd name my daughter Forsythia. That word is poetry to me. It's poetry to see the flowering bush of bright, yellow sprigs reaching up to the sun. It's the first color of spring. Yellow hair of the Earth washed in spring rain, abuzz with fat bees. Forsythia Darling Bright.