22 October 2007

Though My Seals Don't Require Tools

A life half-packed
in closets
and storage units
my friends' garage
mom's basement

a box older than my son
labelled Sam's Bedroom
has been picked up and moved
to each of my bedrooms
year after year
yet never unpacked

it could be said
that Sam's Bedroom
is that old Organic Grapes box
with four air holes in each side

it has gone so far as
to have its top folded open
a few things
are visible
a black velvet pouch
wads of white tissue paper
something precious, perhaps, inside
a strand of garnet stones
meant for jewelery

I had another garnet piece
an engagement ring he stole back
so I wouldn't flush it away in anger

As if I let anything go
insignificant things
packed away
a trick chamber
in a tomb.