01 August 2006

Middle of January (We've all been there)

I am black ink
dark goddess cloak
with six little seeds
icy heart.

I am unforgiving
of the force that pulls me down
and at the same time
in love.

If only I could turn everything as black
as my kitten's round eyes
with her two black lines
that run down from the corners
as if she's been crying inky tears.

Sylvia--or as we call her at home
baby kitty Sylvia--dark namesake
mother of starkness
darkness in her ink
she grabbed at it and came up
with a chokekold of blue-flamed gas.

It's this heat we crave
in the middle of January.

1 comment:

Sam said...

So I notice I don't get depressed in the summer, I don't know, something about the sun? Vitamin D? I love the heat, I am a sun Goddess, soaking it up every chance I get. I only wish I could be naked more often in the sun, but alas, living in town has its drawback. It's nice to have the summer, time of renewal, growth, harvest, and then back to the cold cave of winter, the dark cloak of snowdrifts and early sunsets. Bet everyone wouldn't mind that right now in this heat wave! Please comment back about my poems, I love dialogue about writing.