16 July 2007

Here are some words just to say I am here. Head, neck, butt, aches on this hard chair. Street echoes outside my window. My finger in a partial cast really itches. I am heartbroken and fight the tears. My fiance moved out; yeah, left me. I am trying to be okay. I am trying to be. Be. Just be.

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Anonymous said...

Long time no see. I read your blog because i think of you and miss being friends (even though our falling out really made me so angry and i haven't forgiven you for not giving me the benefit of the doubt nor supporting me as i needed to be supported). i wasn't happy for you when you were happy. it annoyed me that you were happy when i was so miserable and suffering. but now, stumbling upon this bad news i realize that i was happy for you. even though i don't know if we can support each other as friends anymore, it was somehow right in the world that you should have a nice man to love and be family with. i am sorry that this has happened and hope you heal quickly and thoroughly. just keep writing your beautiful poems. i do stop by often for those. having now outted myself, i'm out!
-you know who. obviously.