17 August 2013

I just found a poem I wrote in 2005 on an old hardrive, and I revised it into this new poem. What do you think?

I want the weight of you,

not just your hand like a delicate shadow
on my belly;

Not just your open mouth on mine,
your scruff on my neck,  no

this won’t do.
I don’t want pieces of you.

I want the cool finger of vision,
your hands down my spine.

Our bodies wading shallow,
naked in a reflective pool. Two

puddles coming together,
the meniscus of our crescent

figures like droplets
returning from the waterfall.

On your lips I tell you this,
taste our stolen kiss.

You don’t hear me
through the rush.

© 2013 Samantha Kolber

1 comment:

Dak Gustal said...

It's a very sexy sensual poem. I love it until "meniscus of our crescent", my mind falls off there and the end seems scrambled. It doesn't fit in with the first part. I don't know. That's just how it feels to me. It's a good poem that could be stronger with just that sumthin. Please delete this comment. Write more.